Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Brazilian federal universities are required by law to have 50% of incoming undergraduates from low-income families. At the Federal University of Espirito Santo, this requirement is coupled with policies to promote the enrollment of students of ethnic and racial minorities, and/or who are disabled. There are no student fees. UFES has a dedicated senior office of Student Affairs and Citizenship (please note it is in Portuguese), which governs the institutional affirmative actions and manages diversity and accessibility programs.

At the Paleontology Lab, we aim for an inclusive and safe workplace environment. We are proud to be founding members of the Brazilian Women in Paleontology network and research project.

Here are some of the talks, roundtables, and podcasts in which we participated to discuss the inequalities faced by women in Science (please note most are in Portuguese).

Roundtable Mulheres na Geologia: os desafios do feminismo na ciência. [Women in Geology: the challenges faced by feminism in Science] 2021.

Roundtable Mulheres nas Geociências [Women in the Geosciences] 2020.

Talk Participação feminina nas Geociências. [Female participation in the Geosciences] 2020.

Talk Os desafios das mulheres nas Geociências. [The challenges faced by women in the Geosciences] 2020.

Palaeocast podcast - episode Diversity in Palaeontology. 2020

Workshop Women in Paleontology: a discussion on promoting gender equality. 79th SVP Annual Meeting. 2019.

Roundtable Mulheres na Paleontologia [Women in Paleontology] 2019.

Dragões de Garagem podcast - episode Mulheres na Paleo [Women in Paleontology] 2018.

Roundtable Assédio na paleontologia: aspectos legais de combate e denúncia. [Harassment in paleontology: legal aspects for opposing and denouncing it] 2018.

Talk Assédio moral e sexual na Paleontologia: o que fazer? [How to deal with moral and sexual harassment in Paleontology] 2017.

Roundtable Mulheres na Paleontologia. [Women in Paleontology] 2017.


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