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Selected interviews in English. For a full list of links, please see this page in Portuguese.

Black Market fossils and Ornithocheirid pterosaurs - interview for the podcast Terrible Lizards, 2022

Chicken-size dino with a furlike mane stirs ethics debate – interview for Science on a dinosaur from Brazil, 2020

Episode 111: Diversity in Palaeontology – interview for the podcast Palaeocast, 2020

Unusual toothy pterosaur found hidden in the wrong group – interview for National Geographic on a pterosaur from Germany, 2019

Episode 256: A new titanosaur from Kenya, footprints on Tyrants Aisle, and teaching evolution through paleoart – interview for the podcast I Know Dino, 2019

New 'frozen dragon' pterosaur found hiding in plain sight – interview for National Geographic on a new pterosaur from Canada, 2019

Brazil wins legal fight over 100-million-year-old fossil bounty – interview for Nature News on the repatriation of Brazilian fossils, 2019

Hope emerges for Brazil museum specimens after devastating fire – interview for Nature News on the Museu Nacional fire, 2018

Eggs in 1 Basket: China Fossil Find Opens Up Lost World of Pterosaurs – interview for Scientific American on pterosaur eggs and embryos, 2017

English Flying Reptiles Had Brazilian Relatives – interview for Live Science on pterosaur taxonomy, 2013

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