Post-graduate degrees

Researchers interested in obtaining a Masters or Doctoral degree in the lab can do so through the university's Graduate Program in Animal Biology, or PPGBAN: The admission process consists of a Zoology test and CV analysis, and opens once a year (normally on November/December, exceptionally delayed to March, 2021 due to COVID-19). As UFES is a public university, there are no fees or any other charges to get a degree. However, our lab lacks the ability to hire researchers through our projects. Graduate students will receive state- or federally-funded stipends through PPGBAN, if they are available.

Likewise, persons interested in doing Postdoctoral research will need to apply for a state- or federally-funded stipend. As the necessary information is in Portuguese, do write us for details if interested.

Information can also be obtained through the University's office of international affairs:

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