Ethics in Paleontology

Several members of the Paleontology Lab study the outstanding fossils from the Araripe Basin, such as pterosaurs and insects. Unfortunately, illegal collection, export, and trade is a major problem surrounding these specimens, so ethical concerns regarding Brazilian paleontological heritage is a subject with which we have been activelly involved in the last few years.

Below is a list with some of the talks, discussions, and interviews we have given on the matter (please note most are in Portuguese).

Talk Legislação paleontológica brasileira e o tráfico de fósseis. [Brazilian paleontological legislation and fossil trafficking] 2021

Live online discussion A Legislação Brasileira sobre Fósseis - Direito e Fósseis. [Fossils and the Law: The Brazilian legislation on fossils] 2021

Comment on the media No rastro dos fósseis contrabandeados. [On the trail of smuggled fossils] 2021

Live online discussion Tráfico de Fósseis. [Fossil trafficking] 2020

Comment on the media Mercado internacional: perfil online leiloa fóssil traficado do Cariri cearense. [International market: online profile auctions trafficked fossil from Cariri] 2020

Comment on the media Brazil wins legal fight over 100-million-year-old fossil bounty. 2019

Comment on the media Fóssil roubado será devolvido após denúncia de pesquisadora da Ufes. [Stolen fossil will be returned after complaint by UFES researcher] 2019

Comment on the media Atuação do MPF possibilita a repatriação de 46 fósseis brasileiros enviados ilegalmente para a França. [Public Prosecutor's Office's action enables the repatriation of 46 Brazilian fossils illegally sent to France] 2019

Talk Brazilian fossils and UNESCO 1970, during the workshop Best Practices in Paleontology: Fossil Laws, Global Perspectives and 50 Years of UNESCO 1970. 79th SVP Annual Meeting. 2019.

Talk Brazilian Palaeontological Legislation. 2016

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