Our outreach activities are currently on hold due to the pandemic, but watch this space!

2018 saw the end of our outreach project Paleontology: window into past biodiversity, which was supported by FAPES. 21 high school students aged between 15 and 18 and two undergraduate students were involved. The high schoolers produced 11 scale models on the following topics about evolution of life on Earth:

1. Conditions that allowed for the beginning of life on Earth

2. First life forms: stromatolites

3. Ediacara biota

4. Cambrian biota - Burgess Shale

5. Marine Devonian biota

6. Carboniferous terrestrial biota

7. Triassic terrestrial biota

8. Jurassic marine biota

9. Cretaceous terrestrial biota - Bauru Group

10. Quaternary terrestrial biota - Brazilian Intertropical Region

All scale models were presented in a science fair organized by FAPES and can be seen in 3D in Sketchfab.

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