Currently, research on the lab focus on 3 main topics.

1. Mesozoic Biota

The main research topic of the lab aims to investigate the anatomy, diversity, ecology, and systematics of Mesozoic insects and reptiles, with emphasis on Cretaceous forms.

2. Quaternary Vertebrates

This topic explores aspects of the anatomy, biology, and diversity of vertebrates from the Brazilian Pleistocene and Holocene.

3. Paleontology Collection Catalogue

The lab holds a small fossil collection, started in the 1970's. This topic aims to improve information on this material.

Click here for information on our fishes from the Araripe Basin (in Portuguese).

Click here for information on our research group Biodiversity in Deep Time in CNPq's national groups directory (in Portuguese).

The lab is supported by scholarships and grants from UFES and the agencies CAPES, CNPq and FAPES.











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